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Creative Dance
Hip hop

Ms. Sonia

Sonia was introduced to dance and rhythm at an early age through taking classes at Double Creation Dance Studio. Throughout her time there she had the opportunity to extend her dance training in contemporary, lyrical and hip hop before becoming an instructor in 2010. Sonia was recognized as Best Junior Choreographer in 2011, and was awarded a Paris Dance Tour Scholarship for her charismatic and authentic performances at the Showtime Dance Competition in 2012. She chose to pursue post-secondary training in the Contemporary Dance Programme at The School of Dance in Ottawa. Through her training, Sonia worked closely with respected artists such as Sylvie Desrosiers, Peter Boneham, Merrilee Hodgins, Louis Laberge-Côté, Sege Bennathan, Darryl Tracy, Heidi Strauss and many more. Since graduating in 2015, Sonia remains passionate about dance, and continues to work as a performer and choreographer with both The School of Dance and Double Creation. She is committed to bringing out the best in herself and in others through non-verbal expression.