On site/In person workshops

‘Get into the Groove’ our on site/in person workshop  features a variety of grooves, moves and the latest dance steps your students will be sure to love! Throughout each session, students will get lost in movement, while building confidence and expressing their creative minds. Every year we provide new music, new exercises and new routines that keep students engaged and excited!
*Please note, all workshops have been modified and adapted to accommodate public health regulations. 

(Full Day or 3-5 day units available)


  • Designed for grades K-8 
  • Participants will remain 2 meters apart while dancing
  • All dances have been adapted to stay on the spot
  • Can be done in a classroom or small space (gymnasium not required)
  • All sessions are between 30-40 minutes depending on the grade level

For questions, rates and availabilities please email: info@luv2groove.com

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Special Health Announcement!

Due to Covid-19, the health of our Luv2Groove™ team and our amazing clients is very important to us.
Therefore, we will be following all precautions and regulations mandated by the Ministry of Health. 

We will also be offering different options for schools this upcoming school year 2020/2021:

  1. Outdoor workshops
  2. Virtual pre-recorded workshops
  3. On site/in person workshops

Click here to drop us a line and find out more.