Junior/Intermediate (4-8)


In an age where we are less in our bodies and more on our tablets, Luv2Groove™ gets students out of their seats and moving from beginning to end! You will be amazed at their non-stop energy while hooking even the most inhibited movers. Featuring a variety of funky music, old and new, students will get lost in movement and have fun while interacting, building self-esteem and expressing their creative minds. Students will engage in various movement based activities, follow along grooves and moves, dance routines, and an opportunity to express themselves through guided improvisation and freestyle.

Additional Details

  • Designed for junior/intermediate students (grades 4-8)
  • Maximum 1 hour sessions (options for multi-day units available)
  • Minium 25 students per session, maximum 60 students per session
  • Available in English and French (please specifiy upon booking)

For questions, rates and availabilities please email: info@luv2groove.com

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