GROOVE through the decades

GROOVE through the decades

‘Groove’ Through The Decades dance unit provides students and teachers with the opportunity to learn different styles of dance starting from the 60’s through to the 21st Century. Moves may include but are not limited to; the twist, hustle, breakdance, the shuffle, harlem shake and other popular dances from each era. Over the 5 days, students will engage in different movement activities, choreography, creation and improvisation. Overall, students will develop a greater appreciation for the arts and it’s history!

Additional Details

  • Designed for grades K-8 
  • includes 4 sessions per day x 3-5 days (sessions may vary depending on which package you choose)
  • sessions are 30 minutes for kinders and 50 minutes for grades 1-6
  • minium 25 students per session, maximum 60 students per session
  • available in English and French (please specifiy upon booking)

For questions, rates and availabilities please email:

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