“Dance to EXPRESS, not to IMPRESS”
– Crazy Smooth


Hip Hop

Mr. Cee

Christian Ancheta has been exposed to dance his whole life. At only three years old, he began dancing with Ottawa’s local Philippine Dance Troupe learning and performing cultural dances.  In 2001, he discovered his passion for Breakdancing(bboying) and has been submerged in the hip hop scene every since. For over 13 years, breakdancing has allowed Cee to travel across Canada as well as to the Philippines, performing in TV commercials, shows, modeling, being featured on product packages, and performing onstage with artists such as Masia One, TalibKweli and the Beastie Boys. He was also invited for three consecutive years to the National Breakdance Forum in the Yukon, and worked alongside BlueprintforLife, an organization that specializes in social work though Hip Hop culture.  In more recent accomplishments, Cee has traveled to South East Asia to places like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam to dance, teach, work and explore the world.