Agreement Form

Luv2Groove™ Agreement Form

Letter of Agreement Between

Luv2Groove™ &
(Hereafter called “L2G”)
(Hereafter called the above)
Today's Date:

Director of Luv2Groove- Julia Gutsik
Please include your e-mail to receive a copy of this agreement form:
Understand and Agree:
Both L2G and The School understand and agree that this contract is binding to both parties and cannot be altered or transferred without mutual consent in writing.

*In order to finalize the booking, please read the agreement form and fill the necessary information and click the box below.

L2G Agrees:

  • To provide 1 professional dance instructor to teach the number of workshops/days agreed upon. 
*Please note, workshops vary in length depending on which package you have chosen. Typically, Kindergartens get 30 minute sessions and Grades 1-8 get between 40 minutes to 1 hour sessions. 
  • To provide a detailed invoice/workshop agreement minimum two weeks prior to the workshop(s)/unit.
  • To provide his or her own sound system, microphone and music for the workshop(s)/unit.

The School Agrees:

  • To provide a detailed schedule with times/grades clearly outlined minimum 1 week prior to L2G arriving to The School.
  • To provide L2G a room large enough to teach the workshop(s)/unit (preferably a gym or large classroom).
  • The School must submit L2G’s Invoice as soon as possible to the office or the board so if can be approved prior to the workshop (due to the nature of our work, please submit the invoice ASAP so payment can be issued to L2G in a timely manner).
  • The School agrees to pay L2G a the amount agreed upon prior to the day of the workshop(s)/unit, on the day of the workshop(s)/unit, or within’ a 2 week time frame of the workshop(s)/unit.
  • If The School does not pay L2G within 30 days of the workshop(s)/unit provided by L2G, a penalty fee of $100.00 will be invoiced to the school.

Cancellation Clause:

  • T​he School must give L2G two weeks written notice prior to the specified start date of the workshop(s)/unit if the workshop/unit must be cancelled.
  • A cancellation fee of half the workshop/unit will be charged to the school should schools need to cancel.
  • In case of a snow day, strike/work to rule, or reasons beyond the schools control, L2G will do their best to make up the workshops missed that day. However, no refund will be provided under these circumstances.
  •  L2G agrees that they will try and make up the missed day based on their availability but cannot guarantee a make up day (this is at the risk and discretion of the school upon booking L2G).

Special Health Announcement!

The health of our Luv2Groove team and amazing clients is important to us.
Due to the spread of COVID-19, we're going to be making changes to our school programs.
Summer camps will still be happening until otherwise advised by Ottawa Public Health.

Click here to drop us a line and find out more.