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Luv2groove™ (L2G) gets thousands of students moving and grooving every year ranging from kindergarten to grade 12!
It is a program designed to bring dance to your school.


All our workshops/dance units focus on educating the students and teachers about the elements of dance including, body, space, time, energy and relationship. The Ontario Arts Curriculum states that, “students will develop their own movement vocabularies that they will use to create dance pieces that communicate their feelings, ideas and understandings” (Ontario Arts Curriculum, pg. 14).


1. Follow along grooves (students will learn a series of dance steps/movement in in follow along fashion)

2. Movement / inquiry based activities that link directly to the Ontario Arts, Health and Physical Education curriculum expectations (i.e., mirroring, flocking, call and response)

3. A dance routine (students will learn a sequence of moves that challenge their minds and bodies in a fun and safe way, leaving everyone feeling SUCCESSFUL

4. Improvisation (a chance for students to develop their own movement vocabulary while moving freely without limitations)! a Guaranteed to get students moving, grooving and having fun!

Dance is about expressing one self through movement, it is “a physical and non-verbal medium for learning about the self and the world” (OAC, pg.15). Dance is about the whole body and how it moves through space. It’s not about duplicating moves or a learning a “routine”, but allowing students to discover their inner groove, by moving their OWN way and celebrating the fact that everyBODY can dance!

On the last day, students will have the opportunity to perform/share what they have learned as well as movement phrases they have created throughout the week. (this is optional)

Please Note

Number of sessions per day/week is negotiable. We also offer subsidies for schools on the rise index.

Times may vary for each session depending on the grade level and package you choose  (although Kinders get 30 minute sessions, it is still considered one session).

With 4 or more sessions in one day, the length of each session will be lowered from 60 minutes to 40 minutes maximum. 

30 Minute - Full Day workshops available

*We are available for PD days, afterschool workshops, day care centres and more!

**all workshops can be tailored and customized to the classroom teachers needs

***if you would like a specific dance style such as hip hop, breakdancing, jazz, contemporary, flashmobs, or Capoeira, please specify upon booking


For Students and Teachers