Yoga Groove
(grades 1-12)

Yoga Groove

Yoga is especially beneficial in schools because it teaches relaxation and stress release, it improves flexibility and fosters full awareness in both mind and body – all of which improve focus in class and prevent physical injury. Yoga has the amazing potential to impact us all in unique ways. We all have different bodies and each pose (while often affecting the same muscle in everyone) teaches us individual lessons about who we are, what we need to create balance in our lives, and who we have the potential to become. The yoga postures that are taught in the Yoga Groove series have been around for thousands of years and still offer lasting benefits for students today – with an added musical groove! Students will learn the potential and limitations of their body movements as well as how to strive towards positive change in their lives.  

Length: Between 30 minutes- 1 hour


  • Designed for grades K-8 
  • 30 minute, 1 hour, 1/2 day & full day options are available 
  • sessions are 30 minutes for kinders and 60 minutes for grades 1-6
  • minium 25 students per session, maximum 60 students per session
  • available in English and French (please specifiy upon booking)

For questions, rates and availabilities please email:


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